Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pink Floyd

Well the BD wasn't a total bust this year, DH took me out to Mellow Mushroom for supper. We went early to beat the rush - wrong; Barbershop convention & Cheerleader competitions were down the street. We both like to people watch. The ones that gave us the biggest chuckle were four guy in white t-shirts with Floyd the Barber printed in pink on them, underneath it said PINK FLOYD. Too funny.
Another table of guys suddenly stood up and started singing. Cheerleaders, thankfully, didn't do anything except the standard teenage eye rolling and whining at their Mothers. Poor Mothers.

DYS, DDIL and The Devine Miss M - #3 GD (oh & the "Boys") came for supper the next day. We cooked out, DH made escargot and we had BD cake. The "Boys" and Maggie spent the day in backyard. They were not happy they couldn't come inside and mooch, but Benny (chow) likes to kill other small non-dog animals. Simba (peke) really didn't mind he was with "His Maggie", he likes taller girls. Crissy was safe and enjoyed all the undivided attention and petting. It was a good day.

Only sewing that has even barely been happening is an outfit for a customer. I really do not feel like making it, so it has been a struggle. I need to finish it and mail it, so I can sew something fun - like quilt blocks or #1 GD 18th/graduation??? quilt.

(I don't know what happened Pink Floyd's picture disappeared.)

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