Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Alive and BUSY

Only quilting I have done this month has been in my head. I did make it to the monthly meetings of the 2 guilds I belong to.
The last month has been hectic. The Scottish festival season is gearing up. I had an order for a period outfit on line. " Rather be quilting!" But the outfit was finally finished and mailed. "Happy Dance at post office!"
Friends came for Mint Hill Festival that was canceled 2 day before it was to take place. Luckily they are quilters and crafters, so we went to almost every quilt and craft store in W/S. Missed a new quilt shop I didn't know about, til after they left.
This last week end we met up with the same friends, plus 2 more, for the Rural Hills Scottish Festival. We all camped Friday night (brrr - ice in my cup was still ice next morning) and Saturday night at the festival. Four women, "1 - preteen female" and DH; what a brave and patient man. We ate, drank, talked and talked, swapped recipes and corrected one friend's knitting project. Had a great time in spite of a group of fellow campers forming a drum circle, that played til after 4:30 am Saturday morning. Next night the drumming stopped at 1 am, but they played loadly til then. Camper next to us had a harp which sounded so beautiful, when we could hear it.
We sponsor the Children's Passport for 2 festivals, and one of the festivals is coming up in a couple weeks. So, I am cutting, stapling and folding 250-300 little passports. The kids, under 12, take their passport to each clan booth and get a stamp, when they get all the clan stamps they come to us and get a little prize.

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Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Thanks for the suggestions on TN quilt shops. My sister and I managed to get to Tennessee Quilts in Jonesboro and it was fantastic!