Saturday, September 25, 2010

GO! Give Away

There is a "GO!" give away over at  Millie's Quilting , go check it out. 

If I win I will be re-gifting the "GO!" and keeping the dies, I choose.  I broke down and bought a "GO!" last week!  But you all know that by now!

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Baby Arrives

My new baby arrived yesterday.  She immediately made a road trip, with in a couple of hours of arrival.  Didn't even get to spend her first night in her new home!  The friend we stayed with was properly in awe of her and her beauty.  Hmmmm!!!  Did my friend have a slight greenish tinge???  My DH thought she would and did!
Now I need her to tell me what she would like to be named.  I will have to get back to you on that!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yes, I ordered a package of strippers today.

 OMG!!! Not those kind!!!

These - AccuQuilt Go! strip cutter dies:







Easily cut perfect strips for sashing, borders, wide binding, tote bag handles and more. Lay cut strips across die perpendicular to blades to cut any size squares for cornerstones, 4-Patch and 9-Patch designs. Lay cut strips across die blades at a 45 degree angle to cut diamonds for Tumbling Block, 8 Pointed Star and other diamond designs.
WOO HOO!  Hurry up, Fed Ex!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Last Piece - Give Away

Sarah over at The Last Piece is having a give away. 
Fabulous fabric not yet released!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Always a Piece of Me - Give Away

Ashley at Always a Piece of Me is having a give away. Go on over and check it out, tell her I sent you.

Give Away at Stray Stitches

Linda at Stray Stitches is having a give away.  Lots of great stuff. 
Tell her I sent you over!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I iz havin a sad.

I had good intentions, but man am I catching "crap", over the post - "Lower Than The Limit".
I have read most of these blogs for quite a while, but wasn't an official "Follower". I didn't intend for us to sound like we were trolling or begging for "Followers". Only that I like reading these blogs and we had something in common at this moment, besides being quilters. I am very sad about all this!

My Lower Than The Limit Quilters, is where I intend to share overcoming obstacles when I try to find sewing and quilting time.  Overcoming not being eligible for a free AccuQuilt "GO!".

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Give Away at Red Quilts

Shelley at  Red Quilts is having a give away, in honor of her 100th post, go on over and tell her I sent you. She has lots of great "goodies" to give away!

This what I saw and really want, but she isn't giving it away.

She is giving away a sweet little pincushion, a great book and "Fabric" - ya know we all need more of that!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lower Than The Limit Quilters

I have found several others that have received "THE LETTER".
I mentioned we should start our own group: "THE LOWER THAN THE LIMIT QUILTERS".
I have no clue as to how to make a button, someone in the group mentioned we should have our own button on our sidebars.

If you would like to help our little group eliminate the need of the elusive button, the members that are in need of "Followers" are:

Me - Sue, here at: KQ Sue

WENDY at: Why Knot Kwilt

Ashley at: Always A Piece of Me

Monica at:  Diary Of A Quilt Maven

I wonder if we did do a "Lower Than The Limit Quilters" blog and combined our "Followers" that would get us in with AccuQuilt??? Hmmm??? 

OK, new blog done!  Let's see how much fun we can have with this.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


If you read my blog even once in a Blue Moon, please click on "Follower".
I know you are out there, you email me and leave me comments.
I just got rejected by AccuQuilt's blog list, of Bloggers that love AccuQuilt.
(These are the people that keep having all the GO! giveaways.)
They want only blogs with at least 100 "Followers".
I will try to blog more and try to being interesting or slightly amusing if nothing else.
Thank You, for being my Blog Friends!

Wendy over at Why Knot needs followers, also. She got the same letter I did.

AccuQuilt Obsessed

I have become AccuQuilt obsessed. I want an AccuQuilt Cutter so bad. I keep entering give aways for the GO!, but so far no luck. AccuQuilt commented on Face Book they were looking for demonstrators about three weeks ago. So far I haven't heard anything from them, either. I really would love a job demonstating the AccuQuilt GO! or Studio.

A friend has a Studio in her Quilt Shop that have I used a few times, LOVED IT!!!
Another friend has a GO! she brought it to a class I took and shared it with us, WANT ONE!!!

I guess I need to write the: "Dear Santa and Elves, What I really, really want for Christmas is" - letter. P.S. Santa, A few dies would fit in my stocking, most carefully hung by the chimney.