Friday, November 11, 2011

100th post

Actually it is December 4, not sure why the draft date showed up???
Nancy at Blogging Near Philadelphia had some thought filled comments a couple of days ago (now - a few weeks ago).  One of which was about deleting links to bloggers who hadn't posted for a while. I would resemble that comment!
Refresher of memory!
I noticed that I had just made my 99th post and needed to figure out a giveaway for my 100th post.  Wow time slips by and I am still trying to figure out the prize! I will figure it out and draw on New Years Eve, out with the old and on to a new and better year! I will post the prize or prizes and rules this week, promise!
My DDIL figure out we had 5 moves this year! #1. DS, DH, Devine Miss M and me, NC to FL. #2. DDIL and GS, NC to FL. #3. DH and I to our own home. #4. DS, DDIL, Devine Miss M and GS to an apt, temporarily. #5. DS, DDIL, Devine Miss M and GS to their own home.   WOW, glad that is done! Way to much moving!
I have been sewing, just not blogging. Here is the 2 sides of my SIL's quilt. She picked the fabric and pattern for top.

Triple Dutch Chain
I suggested making it reversible, after she said (complained) the wall color (robin's egg blue) looked blue next to green and green next to blue.

Chains That Bind
I picked out the pattern and fabric for the back.
She didn't have any clue what it was going to look like.
Funny thing is: she likes the back side the best!
So happy to have that one done!

I got in to a Holiday Block swap on Face Book and signed up for 2 groups.
Short story, my package got lost by USPS and finally found.
Glad to get that one done and have the blocks finally mailed to the intended owners.

Tonya and Lynne have me hooked on making letter blocks, can you tell?
A few other people have been bitten by the bug, you can see their work here.