Sunday, February 6, 2011

Peaceful Feeling

This is "My Happy Place", one end of my son's living room.  I made spinach dip and a beef & bacon cheese ball to take over; dear son had made layered taco salad, Buffalo Chicken Strips and corn & bean salsa. 
We went over to watch the Super Bowl and forget the "Big Bad World".

I was all comfy cosy under the quilt I made my son for Christmas about three years ago.  Mentioned it sure would be nice if I had a quilt at home to snuggle up under.  "WHAT? - everybody that comes here loves your quilts Mom!" say my dear son. "Yep!" well, all my quilts run off and come live at his house.
I need to get some tops finished, probably will sell a couple that the colors don't give me that "Happy Feeling" when I look at them. Maybe I will finish my "Scrappy Bow Tie" quilt, to cuddle up under.

It has been a really rough week.
We found out, two days after the fact via Face Book, that my brother-in-law has pneumonia and has had a stroke. "Nice" way to find out!  Information has been very badly related by non-medical relatives. Hubby has been an RN in ER and CCU for the last 38 years, and we are about 12 or 13 hours away. First information sounded very very bad, prognosis still is not good. But, we are a tiny bit more optimistic that my brother-in-law, being a stubborn Dutchman, will be able to recover to some degree.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Old Friend

My old friend, where are you?

You are not on my shelf anymore!
{{snif}} Miss you! {{snif}}