Friday, September 17, 2010

I iz havin a sad.

I had good intentions, but man am I catching "crap", over the post - "Lower Than The Limit".
I have read most of these blogs for quite a while, but wasn't an official "Follower". I didn't intend for us to sound like we were trolling or begging for "Followers". Only that I like reading these blogs and we had something in common at this moment, besides being quilters. I am very sad about all this!

My Lower Than The Limit Quilters, is where I intend to share overcoming obstacles when I try to find sewing and quilting time.  Overcoming not being eligible for a free AccuQuilt "GO!".


Stray Stitches said...

I, too, have read some of the same comments out in blogland. All we want to accomplish is the ability to resubmit our blogs for the chance to host a GO! giveaway! People really need to quit being so touchy. If bloggers didn't want people to read what they post, they wouldn't be blogging!

Ashley said...

I am sorry you are getting flack for your post. I had no idea this was all going on as I've been away from blogland a couple days. I found your post delightful and don't see anything wrong with it. Whether or not I get 100 followers, I don't care. I quilt for the fun of it and for stress reduction. I'm sorry quilting, or rather blogging about quilting, is causing you the exact opposite right now. Hope it gets better soon.

Monica said...

Hang in there and just ignore the negative talkers. They're not worth the stress you're putting yourself through.