Friday, March 6, 2009

National Quilt Day 2008

I was president of the guild that made this quilt, until we moved to NC.

The color is a little distorted, it is actually a coral and blue, not pink. Each member made a block from a pre-cut packet for either a 9-patch block or rail-fence block. My friend Sharon did all the pre-cutting, setting the blocks together, quilting and binding.
This quilt should cover the baby until he starts elementary school. I am holding it up with my hands up in the air over my head.

DH printed the label for the back of the quilt. Some of Sharon's beautiful quilting shows behind the label.
Some of the bugs in the blue print had plaid bodies, you can see one in the upper right-hand corner of the label picture. We got lucky and found a plaid for the backing and binding at, that is owned by my friend Janet.

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Heritage Quilter said...

That is pretty cool. What a lucky child.