Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wandering in Lexington

We went exploring today. Stopped at Quilting Quest, Lynne has really decent prices on her fabrics and is a very nice lady. She just happen to be the BBQ City Quilt Guild president and invited me to the next meeting if I am in town.
Stopped at Walmart and was glad to see they didn't lose their fabric department as many of their other stores have. I go through bolt after bolt of their osnaburg.
Dropped DH at LMH for his pre-employment jabbing and stabbing. Then went downtown to explore on my own for a couple of hours.
Other fabric shop in town is a little "pricey". DYS took us there several years ago, then I remember why I hadn't been back.
Art Gallery across the street had a nice display hanging. Of course the 2 paintings I really liked were on display only, but I will return to the gift shop for some Christmas shopping, when I get here permanently.

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