Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Millennium Quilters 4th Annual Quilt Show

Millennium Quilters 4th Annual Quilt Show is this weekend. We did registration tonight. I worked all day, then headed to the high school to help get everything set up and the quilts checked in. It was so much fun getting to carry the quilts to their proper pile, after the girls got them labeled and signed in. There were six at the the sign in table and me sorting and carrying. Unfun was getting to carry them again to another room for judging. The old body is griping up a storm and reminding me of how old I am, "How Rude". Couldn't get home for the Ibuprofen fast enough. It's going to be a "Flexril night" or I won't get out of bed in the morning or be able to lift my arms to hang quilts tomorrow. Only 4 more days to survive!

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