Friday, July 18, 2008

Escaping WV for NC

I'm doing the "Happy Dance"; we are escaping WV.
We drove down to Lexington, Wednesday after we both got off work. Yesterday, DH had interview at Lexington Memorial Hospital and was told he unoffically has the job he applied for. HR director asked if I needed a job, also. Nope, I'm going to play full time Grandma. I'll have little Miss Maddy sewing by the time she turns 5. DS said maybe I can teacher her Mama, to.
Last night, DYS signed official contract on the house we are buying. Tonight we go measure rooms and delegate my paint stash to the different rooms.
I called dibs on the garage as my new studio, 20" X 20" +/- of uninterupted space. Old studio is same size, but chopped up into 4 rooms. Needless to say "Hermione" (my short-arm) reaches wall to wall. Crawling underneath to load quilts and reach bobbincase, really stinks. I am to old for that nonsense.
DH had to drive back to WV last night to go to work, he will come drag me back to WV Sunday; that will be me kicking and screaming, "I don't want to go back!".
I stayed to get ready for yard sale Saturday. The first of several yard sales here and back in WV. I have a bunch of piles to weed out.
Next Monday I tell the quilt guild I'm moving and that I am having a "thinning out the stash sale".

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Niki said...

Thank you for joining just us quilters. I require a link back, that being my icon, HTML given on the site. Thank u. Niki