Friday, July 4, 2008

WV - Enter at your own Risk!

Boy, do we wish we knew four years ago, what we know now. Four years ago we had an eleven hundred dollar a month mortgage. We saw real estate prices in WV and thought "oh wow", lets move there. DH was wanting to retire in the next few years. A higher hourly wage and a $350 mortgage seemed very attractive.
What we didn't know about was all the higher or hidden costs and taxes. House here was a 4th of the price - taxes there were $680, now $1000 on house & $400 on garage which is in very bad condition. Then the tax on personal household property. Dog tax for county and tax to city, on top of rabies tag. At this rate Maggie will have to go find a job, if we don't escape WV soon. Some towns even tax you on your cats, this one is trying to pass that ordinance. Ok, then Daisy and Crissy will need jobs, also. Maybe Daisy can apply for "Kitty Social Security", she is at least 16 or 17 years old; isn't that like 80 or 85 in human terms?
My 18 year old car is taxed $83 a year, $32 for license plate, and $12 for inspection sticker. We had to pay sales tax on my car when we moved here, even tho we had paid sales tax when we bought it in another state 13 years ago.
OK, thanks for listening to me whine! The cloud of dust, you will "hopefully" soon see, will be us leaving WV!

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