Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Packing can be a real pain. Unpacking can really be fun, it's like getting Christmas or Birthday presents. We have always managed to unpack boxes that weren't unpacked the move before. I know I will get gifts of fabric, I actually picked and bought for specific projects. The past four years I have been staring at bolts of fabric left from my fabric shop in Florida, of twenty years ago.
DH leaves in 3 days for his new job. I will pack and sew, then pack some more. Maybe I can finish his missing 5oth birthday quilt as a surprise. Of course will have to find out where it hid during the "mistake" I mean move to WV.
I have been work on a blue Triple Irish Chain for his sister on Tuesday nights. this summer. Tuesday night, my friend Janet keeps her quilt shop open til 9 pm.

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