Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adding Photos "Finally"!

OK, I am excited I figured out how to add a picture to a post today.
I added the coveted bag picture to yesterday's blog.

This is Christmas "Crissy" helping quilt my Grandson, Cris's quilt. Crissy is my main sewing assistant. She was wondering why Maggie had center stage on my blog, in leiu of a picture of me or herself.

Crissy turned up on my friend Cynthia's doorstep Christmas Night 2005. Her two big old boy cats didn't like Crissy, I think they were getting beat up by little two pound Crissy. Cynthia had her in the car headed for the humane society in February. Cynthia's son begged her to try a little longer to find Cris a home. I knew in December when I first heard about Cris I would end up with her. Kind of like Daisy, our other cat that just passed away; first time I laid eyes on her I knew eventually I would have her. Yup one year later, DH's Mom passed away and Daisy moved in.

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