Friday, February 20, 2009

Exploring & Shopping

Today, while out running errands: DH and I decided to check out the local thrift shops and found nothing that needed to come home with us. After that I ask if he felt like heading to W/S and exploring. He said: "yes, and did I have any where specific in mind?" OH GEE??? "How about going and finding the 2 quilt shops." I was trying to find the first edition of M'liss Rae Hawley's -Fat Quarter Quilts: second edition doesn't have the huge 6-fat quarter tote bag in it. I really want to make that bag; it will hold a king size quilt, hoop and all your other goodies - like needles, thread and chocolate. Again, no luck shopping!

Oh well, consolation was supper at Moe's Southwest Grill. Now we are feeling much better and he keep missing his turns to head home and we're trapped in "W/S Shopping Center Metropolis.
Ok, now shopping suddenly becomes successful. His misses his turn, so we use Circuit City's parking lot to turn around. Gee Honey, do you want to just go in and look around, since they are going out of business???
I have been staring at the GPS's ever since the move here. I now have my GPS. DH told me, I had better get one, because I will not find one for half price any where else.
Yesterday, we were lost between Highpoint and Thomasville for over an hour. The good part - we had just been in Walmart and he had told me I didn't need a GPS. "I wasn't the one driving." That was me saying: "I think you need to turn back at that last stop light/sign/corner etc." Hmmm???
Now the local or not so local quilt shops can't hide from me!


Heritage Quilter said...

I'll be glad to give you some good directions anytime you need them. Just say the word.

KQ Sue said...

Thank, I have sent you an email.