Monday, June 26, 2017

Time Flys - Stuff happens!

Ok, things have been bad, but today was one of the worst. Simba crossed Rainbow Bridge!
Little Boo Man was 13 on June 9th. He was in a lot of pain, along with several others issues.

(OK - I find this unpublished)
OMG! It has been almost a year since I posted! 
We were not happy the tin can village.
We looked at 30 or 40 brick and mortar, real, houses.
Finally my DDS paid cash for a house we loved, that would fit us. - June
Hubby is wooed away to another school bus company, with great promises.
Meanwhile Hancock Fabrics (FL) goes out of business, crap I don't have a job! - July. 22, 2016  Once you been on the Titanic, you can see when all the leaks start the sinking.  So- I had been filling out applications for another job, for several months.
I had also been at So-fro/Cloth World(TN), when it went down. Next I started at Piecegoods shop, they had just bought Northwest fabrics and came out of a Chapter 11. Boom back into Chapter 13 and taken over by Mae's Fabrics, I cringed. Mae's had been all short piece flat folds, when I shopped at them in Florida.

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