Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stash Sale

Wow! The days they are a ticking away, getting closer to moving day!   My "Stash Sale" is scheduled for March 24 - 26.
I have a 2 story studio that is packed with "stuff". My son has an itemised list of what is going and how many square inches it is!  He keeps saying, I have to downsize more and more to fit in the truck we are renting.  BP is going nuts! Stomach is tied in knots, can't eat or sleep - so the blood sugar has gone nuts with the BP. Oh, well at least the BP will not be lonely, going nuts. "I hate this type of successful diet", I feel like crap!
My biggest stresser is finding a buyer for my quilting machine, so far only one nibble out of 5 or 6 quilt guilds in the area.  Everybody wants a "new Cadillac (computerized long-arm), not a used Buick (pantograph Mid-arm) ".  I would have liked the Cadillac, but didn't have $20,000 to spend; so I was happy with a Buick for a few hundred. 
Oh well back to sorting and packing!
Hmmm! I wonder which blogger might like this bundle of fabric?

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Kathleen said...

That is a lovely fabrick KQ! Found you via Joyful Chaos! Like your blog, and love your new furniture!
Take care of BP and sugars!