Monday, March 28, 2011

New Experience

I have never gone and shopped for brand new furniture. 
We aren't moving any furniture except about 4 pieces.
So the plan was to get a new bedroom set that was an actual matched set.
DH showed me one bedroom set online he liked, but I wasn't feeling it.
DDIL showed me a couple that she thought were me, hmmm, not quite - but closer.
DH, DDIL, DYS, Devine Miss M and I went to "Rooms To Go", a couple days ago.
After walking through the entire store, "Success"!
DYS and I spotted this set and both thought and said, "Wow, is that nice or what!" 
We found the rest of the gang and it was unanimous. 
And the winner is the Darlington! All the yard sale money has gone here.
After a month of yard sales and a very very long drive this is where you will find me for a good long nap!
Then I need to make a new quilt for the new bed!  Hmmm, so many patterns.

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