Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stress Stress Stress

Change Change Change, has now officially turned into Stress Stress Stress.

DS, DH and I emptied the NC storage unit, on Thursday, today DS, DDIL, DGS & I sorted it all out. I felt like I was on that show where they come in and say OK you can pick 5 dolls & 10 books to keep for "Divine Miss M". Burst into tears when my boy's Sesame Street cup went into the Goodwill box. DDIL said, OK, what would you keep it for? Well, I did use it on my desk for pencils, before the move to NC and it disappeared on me.
I had a major panic attack when we were done and everyone left. Sick to my stomach, shaking, cold, pacing and weeping. Found my last Xanax, took it and it finally kicked in about an hour later, for a hour nap.
I have a stash reduction sale scheduled for the first week end in April, to give me sorting time. We will probably have 2 yard sales before that of furniture and household misc, first week end of February & first week end of March.
I know some of my extra little sewing machines are going to have to go, but it is really looking like I will, also, have to let go of my antique quilts. That is going to hurt! Stash sale was to eliminate stuff I have had since my fabric shop closed several years ago. It looks like the stash sale will end up with all my rolls and bags of batting, to save space. Only had one email on my quilting machine so far, it is to big to fit in the new sewing space I will have in FL, it is a great starter machine to do charity and everyday quilts on.
Tomorrow we will sort some more, their realtor is having an open house, so they need to be gone.
Did I say: "I HATE MOVING"? Especially long distance moving!

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Micki said...

That is frustrating. I know how you must feel. I felt that way when I moved to Ireland and I had to give up most of my things. It is hard.