Sunday, January 2, 2011

If I had a New Years Resolution

The Today Show said the top 2 resolutions people listed on a poll were: lose weight and stop smoking.
I told my husband I was going with the stop smoking resolution, I would probably have better luck doing that.
Silly Boy said: "But you don't smoke". Exactly - that is why I should have better luck with it! The weight sure isn't getting lost!

Boy! I wish that was what the scales said when I step on them! 


Saloma Furlong said...

That is very funny! I don't make resolutions any longer... only goals or name what I hope will happen in the coming year. However, if I DID have a resolution... it would be to stop smoking... that way I wouldn't break it.

I wish that was my weight, showing on that scale.

Happy New Year...

KQ Sue said...

My weight, but numbers are in different positions. :-(

Micki said...

I lost a lot over the last few months and went down to 9 stone, so I didn't have to worry on that end. I went vegan. Why? it's good for my legs...that was my motivation.