Thursday, April 1, 2010

Scraps and Life

When life gives you scraps, as quilters we make quilts.

Other times in life we are given scraps and sometimes need to admit that the scraps we have been given are tooo rotten to work with.

My motto has always been:

Use it up,

Wear it out,

Make it do,

or Do without.

Several of my non-quilting commitments have gotten to be "NOT Enjoyable!" I am not getting paid enough for all this, OH YES, I am not getting paid for any of this!
The bad thing these commitments have cost me "Valued Quilting Time", over the last year - especially and a few for several years. I am dealing with very difficult people, that are draining the energy out of me! I am now dealing with back biting, controlling, rude, expectant people. They are now draining me of motivation, to steal 5 minutes here or 10 minutes there to sew a few stitches. I am haunted by them in my sleep, when I can actually fall asleep.
Over the years I seem to always end up being friends with, or befriending, the difficult people of groups I encounter. In school I was what I refer to as a "Geek Collector". I was, also, friends with the other stereotypical groups. Most of the geeks were actually very nice people that were true loyal and friends.

Some talk show, years ago, talked about these type of people. The "expert", said to: "Never steal someones joy/happiness and never ever be guilty of being someone that does this, either."

It is sometimes difficult to say enough is enough, which is what I am struggling to do now. l have never been a quitter.

Thank, God, I have never been on a sinking ship, I would have gone down with it - bailing like crazy!

Thanks, for letting me have my whine - boy - I sure would love some wine about now!


Cathy said...

Hi Sue,
I have to tell you I joined a group last January and signed up to complete their shared quilt blocks. There were a minimum of four blocks that had to be done. They were paper pieced blocks which I've never done. Due in May, I told them in the beginning of April I just knew I would have to back out because I wouldn't get them done. I never dreamed my mother would die the end of April, so it was a wonderful decision to back out when I did. I've decided I'm not really a joiner for this type of thing, but I do love to share what I decide to make. Stick to your new principles! :)

Carrie P. said...

Sometimes it is hard to say no and as I have gotten older I have finally learned to do and take care of myself. Even though this has been posted for while I hope things have worked out for you.