Monday, July 27, 2009

AQS & Fun Fun Fun

We had a good time. Can you tell? This is my friend Sue (blue shirt) with Lowell and Diane, of Details By Diane. Diane is Queen of Stained Glass Quilts. Look at the crowns on the three of them. Aren't they fabulous?
I was so excited I found three of my friends from First Frontier Quilters; Donna, Vicki and Alice. I moved and hadn't seen them in about five or six years. They were in the Appalachian Quilt Trail booth; the guild had made a fund raising quilt for the AQT project.
(Ooops, ok, tip your head to the left. I can't get the photo to do a quarter turn. Sorry!) I bought a batch of tickets, hopefully my connections will help me win.

More photos later laundry is screaming at me! It is so nice to get away, but boy is there a lot to do when you return!

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