Monday, December 19, 2011

A Little Luck

I have had a little luck in a bunch of bad luck!  Wooo! Hooo! 
I have won a book from Saloma at About Amish.
Go visit Saloma at About Amish and her husband David at Vintage Village Designs.   
It really helped cheer me up, after taking my poor Tucson in for a new timing chain, water pump and crank shaft sensor, today. 
We had a plumber here today, also, to try to find a water line leak.
Our last water bill was for enough water to fill a really big swimming pool - we don't have a pool! 
DH's office recently took everyone off salary and put them on per patient visit pay, that equals 1/3 of original take home.
Darn, bills are still at 100% of what they have always been.
We are both filling out applications to find him another job and find me a job.
That will cut into my sewing and quilting time!
Ok, don't want to dwell on all that, or I will start crying, again. 

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