Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have been doing a Round Robin Blogger swap. 14 people each did a step on each others quilt, then each mailed the quilt on to the next person.

My quilt came home today! I am so excited! I absolutely love my little quilt!

My original starter block is, the black and white square with in a square block, on the left in the second row.

The sayings in the top row are so what Crissy would say, if she could talk. "Not that she has any problem communicating, by telepathy!"

"Please take the kitten back to wherever you found him. xoxoxo, The Cat"

"Please put away that suitcase. You are not going anywhere. xoxoxo, The Cat"

"The furball on the bathroom rug is for you. xoxoxo, The Cat"

Where did all these fabrics come from??? I haven't seen any of them!


Micki said...

That is such a cute quilt!

Carrie P. said...

Pretty cute. I enlarged it first before I finished reading the post to read the words. Cute saying too.

Vals Quilting said...

that is so cute, thanks for following me on fb and signing up for my newsletter, I'm enjoying your blog also :)