Saturday, January 16, 2010


The FP&QG meeting had Pepper Cory, as guest speaker, Monday night. Pepper showed some of the quilts in her collection and gave her lecture: “How to Become a More Creative Quilt Maker”. Unfortunately - I forgot my camera "Aaaackkk!" I will add pictures later if one of my friends remembers to email them to me.
Tuesday Pepper gave her workshop: “Two Blocks are better than One”.

This is Pepper's sample block for the class.
Can you see the same block in the middle of the quilt?
It is so amazing how 18 or 20 quilters can cut the same size pieces and get totally different looking blocks. The supply list said bring a wide assortment of fabrics, leftovers from other quilts we had made would work. I grabbed 2 tote bags and stuffed them with bags of leftovers and inherited bags of fabric scraps. I had been sick all weekend, but was determined to attend the lecture and workshop. My energy and design "mojo" was pretty challenged by Tuesday afternoon. My scraps seemed to not want to play together and I really wondered if I was up to playing at all!


Micki said...

Gorgeous quilt! It is an amazing design and so colourful!

Carrie P. said...

I wish I could have been at the meeting to hear her speak. Great quilt.