Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas House - To Be or Not To Be?

Carrie over at A Passion for Applique is having a give away and asked us to leave comments about our choices of white lights vs. colored lights. We have white lights outside and tiny colored clear lights on the tree inside. Only house on our block that is decorated outside.
Carrie has me dwelling on paint color again. Can't decide what color to paint the house. We haven't painted anything outside, but the trim that needed touched up. We have lots of peaks and dormer windows, grey is calm and neutral, cocoa brown would make it look like a gingerbread house and red would make it a Christmas house year round (red is probably tooo much).

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ivoryspring said...

Hello Sue,
Thank you for visiting and leaving the kind comment.

I normally do very minimal marking when I quilt. So, mostly just free-motion.

For that Christmas quilt, the Christmas trees are marked, the rest is free-motion.

Have a great day, and do come back and visit again.