Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Baby

This is our new baby, Simba. He has actually been a family member for several years. He wasn't very happy being alone all day. (Little dog + little bladder + looooong day = oooops.)
He needed to live where someone was home a lot more. DS and DDIL asked if I knew any one that would be interested in adopting him. Sure, I'll take him. They didn't think I would want another fur baby, since we have Maggie and Chrissie. They were happy, that they will get to have weekend visits, frequently. They said it would be almost like still having him, but he wouldn't be alone all day long.
Chrissie isn't real sure what he is. He doesn't look like Maggie, he is little like her. Simba walked in and took one look at Chrissie, stopped and just stared. He has never seen a cat up close. We had less than 24 hours of, minimal, hissing and whining. They are, now, just glancing at each other, going to their spots, curling up and going to sleep.
Maggie was surprise when I walked in with Simba. Simba and Benny had came for visits in the backyard, but had never came in the house. (Benny likes to eliminate any body not a dog.) Maggie was the love of Simba's life when DS and DDIL first got him, he likes tall girls. Thank Heavens! he has calmed down around her.
Simba has stayed glue to my ankle. I sit down at computer, he is under my chair. I sit down to sew he is beside my chair. "Watch out, so I don't roll over your tail, Buddy". Life is great with lots of Fur Babies!

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