Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Strange Day

I was filling my 1st cup of coffee this morning, staring out the kitchen window, and noticed a truck come up the street. Then several cars followed the truck and stopped. Looked out the dining room window, which I can also see out, from the kitchen counter. Hmmmm?? they seem to be stopping at my driveway. Curious me, I went to the dining room window to get a better view of what was going on. Well, there was a woman clutching a very large red,white and blue star quilt under her arm,and dragging half of it on the ground. I guess she must have been walking in the street or crossing the street, and stopped the traffic. After she walked past the house, I went to check the mail box, and see where she had gone. Met the mailman and asked him if she was talking to her self or spoke when she passed him. "Nope, she just looked a little strange", he said. We watched her walk down the sidewalk until she was out of sight. Very curious! I wonder what her story is. I have thought about her all day. Different stories are running through my head.

UPDATE 11:50pm:
DDIL called after class tonight, instructor told her a woman jumped off HWY 8/85 overpass this afternoon. I have been checking news channels on-line and watching news on TV, ever since she called. Woman was air lifted to WFBMC, so far I haven't heard or found any info. I felt empathy when I saw the woman this morning, now I am seriously worrying about a total stranger.

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