Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Feast or Famine

What is it with commitments, or would be commitments.
JUNE 13 - seems to be the day I am being pulled in 4 different directions.

#1 - #1GD graduation/18th BD party has been in the planning for over a month or two. (Which she doesn't want.)

#2 - A Scottish Festival with in an hour of home that we can get in to as a vendor $$$.

#3 - My family reunion in IL that is always on Fathers Day, the 20th by my calculations. Nope, my cousin which it is all scheduled around, is going to be there the 13th. They are, also, having it on a Saturday, which works better than a Sunday for traveling any distance and getting any time off.

#4 - Clan Scott Society's Annual General Meeting, which I should attend, since, I am a Commissioner. Did I mention New Hampshire???

OK, I can not be in NC, SC, IL and NH; or even 2 of them. GD will win, with or without her. DYS & DDIL will throw a better party than the rest, plus I sleep in my own bed and get to play with the Devine Miss M.

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